Branding Black Girl Cartoons: Miranda Killgallen x MAC Cosmetics!

Branding Black Girl Cartoons: Miranda Killgallen x MAC Cosmetics!

Miranda Killgallen

Y'all... I used to love me some As Told By Ginger. Iykyk! I loved that show as a little girl and even when I was in college. I watched every single episode on YouTube over the course of undergrad and im probably biased but deep down in her mean little heart, I feel like miranda had the potential to really be that girl.

This is a fictional collaboration I created called the Miranda Killgallen Collection with thee Mac Cosmetics ( ✨ manifesting dream collabs all 2024  ). Designed by me.

Let's get into the case study


In this super exciting endeavor, I conceptualized and crafted a fictional collab between myself, the renowned (manifesting this ^_^) designer and artist, Shani Aisha, and the iconic MAC Cosmetics. The result? The stunning Miranda Killgallen Collection, a makeup line that embodies the boldness, dark humor and touch of glamour that is Miranda Killgallen to me.


Conceptualization and Inspiration:

The inspiration behind the Miranda Killgallen Collection stemmed from a desire to take a better look into Miranda who was very much “That Girl” to me.  My expertise in creating beautiful and fun designs and MAC Cosmetics' reputation for innovation became the foundation for this collab. The collection draws inspiration from Miranda Killgallen, a fictional muse known for her fearless spirit, being a little mean and her distinct style.


Design Process:

From conceptual sketches to digital renders, every step of the design process was curated to ensure that each product in the collection embodied Miranda. The color palette was sampled from Miranda’s real outfits from actual clips from the As Told By Ginger Show. These colors reflect her dynamic personality, featuring bold hues and fun patterns. I created new outfits and hairstyles for her that I remember black women and girls wearing or wanted to wear when we were little girls in the 90s.


The Miranda Killgallen Collection boasts a range of standout products, including vibrant eyeshadow palettes, statement lip colors, and avant-garde accessories. Each item is designed to empower individuals to express their unique style and embrace their inner Miranda.



Visual Identity:

The visual identity of the collection is a celebration of diversity and self-expression. From promotional materials to gorgeous packaging design, the visuals capture Miranda’s personality, inviting the girlies into a world where being Miss Killgallen knows no bounds.


Impact and Reception:

Though fictional, the Miranda Killgallen Collection will garner attention for fun and innovative approach to cosmetics. The case study explores the hypothetical impact of the collection on the beauty industry, consumer engagement, and brand perception.



The Miranda Killgallen Collection is not just a makeup line; it's a testament to fun collaboration and celebrating diversity. This case study illustrates the thought process, dedication, and imagination that went into bringing this to life, demonstrating the potential for innovation within the world of beauty.



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